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FAH SMP Affinity Changer

Have you heard of the FAH SMP Affinity Changer? It’s a little program that monitor the process of the FAH client for each core and will redistribute the FAH process accordingly in order to achieve maximum performance for the SMP F@H client!

Here’s some before and after results from me from the Core2Duo processor running a single WinSMP client:

” Project : 2653
Core : Gromacs SMP
Frames : 100
Credit : 1760

— station1 —
Min. Time / Frame : 13mn 13s – 1917.58 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 14mn 32s – 1743.85 ppd

— station5 —
Min. Time / Frame : 13mn 09s – 1927.30 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 14mn 34s – 1739.86 ppd

— station7 —
Min. Time / Frame : 14mn 18s – 1772.31 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 16mn 10s – 1567.67 ppd

— station4 —
Min. Time / Frame : 12mn 54s – 1964.65 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 13mn 40s – 1854.44 ppd

— iMac —
Min. Time / Frame : 16mn 13s – 1562.84 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 16mn 19s – 1383.26 ppd ”

One thing is, it only works with a C2D processor running a single WinSMP client or for a C2Q processor running 2x WinSMP clients. But if you are running a single WinSMP client on a C2Q, it will not have any performance gain on it!!

You can follow this thread for more information/results too!!


New PS3 Client!

SONY has released an updated client for the PS3 that is supposed to fix the recent PS3 client/server issue.


Starting today a new version of Folding is available. This version is a minor fix to the previous 1.3 version and adds a better tuned algorithm that handles peak performance hours of Folding@home network, by acting differently to certain network errors if those occur.

It is recommended that you update to the new version by quitting the application and restarting it. Your current WU will not be damaged in any way, in-fact Folding will continue from the exact point you have stopped it.
Please also check the official Sony Folding site here:

We can already see a stabilized network activity for the last 5 days. With the new update we are certain that the network will continue to be stable for good.

At this point I would like to thank people again for being patient and continue to donate to our project while Stanford & Sony was working on the fix.

Sony Development Team”


F@H Code Development Update

Here are some code development updates on some important client/cores from Dr. Vijay!
~ GPU core: we’ve got the GPU core running in house and we found and fixed some bugs in our Q&A stage. We’re now continuing Q&A to see if we find any more bugs. Right now, the GPU core is running on all new ATI cards, so we’re excited to roll it out. We are using CAL now (ATI’s hardware abstraction layer) and that seems to make life a lot easier, and also should make running a GPU client a lot easier from the point of view of donors, as the driver issues and complexities should now be resolved. We are still looking into an NVIDIA client. The NVIDIA GPUs are very different to program, so a port isn’t a simple thing to do. We are looking into this, though.
~ SMP core: right now, SMP on Linux and OSX is behaving fairly well, whereas Windows is giving some issues. This is perhaps not a surprise, since the SMP code must use MPI, which has its origins on UNIX and is a newcomer to Windows. We have been working with Windows MPI developers to improve the situation, but they tell us this isn’t a simple fix. Since we are in the business of studying proteins, not writing MPI libraries for Windows, we will wait until the MPI experts improve the Windows MPI before we make any claims of improvement there.
Finally, beta clients will be expiring soon (in Feb 08′ I believe), and we are in the process of Q&A for new clients. We will also extend the expiration deadlines in the future clients to give some more time, and since the clients are appearing to be maturing.

PS3 F@H version 1.3 is out!

SONY had just released a new F@H client for it’s PS3 console. You will need to download the latest firmware v2.1 in order to run the new F@H client tho!

There are several new feature for the new F@H client, it included auto or pre-set system shut down (nice for those who want to have the PS3 finished the current WU and then shut down itself at night!), and new user selectable background music (I honestly don’t see the point of this……?!).

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Tips for new folders

New to F@H?  Needs some help with SMP client?  Check out this thread at the forum!


Folding on QX9650!

Ever wondering how’s the newest Penyrn core fold?  Check out this QX9650 @ 4+GHz folding thread!!


F@H Demo new GUI and GPU client!

Folding@Home demoed new GUI and GPU clients at the Supercomputing 2007 event!!

Here’s the major news about these new clients:

  1. A new GUI for the GPU and non-GPU clients.  Right now, the GUI is coded for Windows, but we will be migrating it to OSX as well.  The main highlights is the new look (check out the screen shot below), new updating scheme (we will update the picture in real time, or close to real time, in the GUI client, much like the GPU and PS3 clients do today), and perhaps most importantly, much better driver support (we’ve fixed most if not all of the bugs leading to driver incompatibilities).  The upshot is that this is a major rewrite of much of the GUI leading to better performance, stability, and much prettier look.  Thanks to Chris Sweet and ATI for their extra help here and Adam for making it all work.
  2. With the help of ATI, Adam and Mark have scrubbed our GPU code very hard and using what we’ve learned so far, we have a next generation GPU core which should be faster, easier to install, and has much more accurate science (at first, comparable to the PS3, but hopefully soon, something even more accurate than the current PS3 client).
  3. The new GPU client should be MUCH easier to install than previous versions.  More on this as we go along, but ATI could make a huge difference here too.

Even tho they do not have an ETA as to when these new clients will be out, but Dr. Vijay does promised they are working hard to push it out of the door ASAP!  In the meantime, check out the nice screen shot!


And I guess some of the questions regarding these new clients are….  Will the new GUI/graphic still be much slower than a CLI client with the new code?  And will the new GUI client ever support SMP too??  Guess the GPU client will most likely get a point boost with the new client huh??

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