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New PS3 Client!

SONY has released an updated client for the PS3 that is supposed to fix the recent PS3 client/server issue.


Starting today a new version of Folding is available. This version is a minor fix to the previous 1.3 version and adds a better tuned algorithm that handles peak performance hours of Folding@home network, by acting differently to certain network errors if those occur.

It is recommended that you update to the new version by quitting the application and restarting it. Your current WU will not be damaged in any way, in-fact Folding will continue from the exact point you have stopped it.
Please also check the official Sony Folding site here:

We can already see a stabilized network activity for the last 5 days. With the new update we are certain that the network will continue to be stable for good.

At this point I would like to thank people again for being patient and continue to donate to our project while Stanford & Sony was working on the fix.

Sony Development Team”


PS3 F@H version 1.3 is out!

SONY had just released a new F@H client for it’s PS3 console. You will need to download the latest firmware v2.1 in order to run the new F@H client tho!

There are several new feature for the new F@H client, it included auto or pre-set system shut down (nice for those who want to have the PS3 finished the current WU and then shut down itself at night!), and new user selectable background music (I honestly don’t see the point of this……?!).

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