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F@H stats updater for iGoogle

Due to some others request, I’ve also made a EOC F@H personal stats updater for iGoogle!

It works the same as my other two F@H personal stats feeder (Vista Sidebar & Yahoo Widget).

You can grab this gadget from HERE. And if you have any question, you can post it in this support thread too.

Hope you’ll like it!


Merry X’mas & Happy New Year!

We wish every folder will have a very merry x’mas and a higher production year!!

Oh, what’s your folding goal for 2008?!


Tips for new folders

New to F@H?  Needs some help with SMP client?  Check out this thread at the forum!


Pink for October

If anyone has noticed, I changed my sig on the forums. It’s all pink and it says I’m going “Pink for October.” If you are wondering, Pink for October is an initiative to draw attention to breast cancer (October is breast cancer awareness month).

The F@H project can help with breast cancer. The research being done with F@H can help researchers understand how certain diseases work in the body. I know most of us are guys, so I’ll point out that men can get breast cancer as well.

I was reminded of this at the airshow I went to this weekend. Delta had a neat display raising awareness about breast cancer. F@H has the potential to help with many diseases we face today, so every work unit helps!

Delta Breast Cancer Display