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F@H planned outage today!

Quote from F@H Blog: “One of our server rooms will be undergoing a planned power outage on December 27, starting in the morning pacific time.  We expect the outage to last about 5 hours.  We are on minimal staff right now due to the holidays, but we’ll do all we can to keep FAH going.  Roughly about 40% of the FAH work servers will be affected during the outage, but the AS, stats, web page, etc will all be up.”


New Folding Forum!

New forum

We’ve created a new forum at . The plan is for this one to be a temporary forum, until we can get the old one back up. However, we’ll keep it around to serve as a temporary forum when the main one goes down. The only caveat is that you’ll have to re-register (sorry). However, the FAH team and Mods are already set up there, so we’re ready to welcome your posts. Sorry to take so long with this — many people (esp Bruce, Py, WW and some other mods and FAH team members) have been working hard behind the scenes to make this all possible.

I think we have a plan which will work long term. This backup forum will always be there, and if needed, it could become the primary forum if we can’t get the main one back up.”


F@H Stats update every 2 hours now!

Stanford had just announced that the F@H site stats will be updated every 2 hours instead of hourly!

Also, they mentioned trying to make their stats page more “high performance(?)”.  And if everything looks fine, they might bring back the simultaneous database access during the update time too.

We’ll see if this will have any impact/error to all the 3rd party stats page (EOC, [H], Kakao, etc.)…..


Folding Community Forum, Backup Forum…..

Since the Folding Community Forum had been down for awhile, Stanford and the Mods have decided it’s best to have something up and running until the new forum is done. So they created a new Google group for now. Yeah, it’s non-ideal, but better than nothing!

Here’s the group address –>


F@H web site is switching over

The Folding@Home’s main site is finally in the process of switching over their main URL, to the new web page/design!

However, it’s possible that the main site isn’t reachable during the transaction though! You can still find the old page in HERE, and the new page over HERE, while the is out.

EDIT: the URL is working with the new design now!!


F@H web site overhaul

Dr.Vijay has just posted some information about Folding@Home’s web site overhaul progress in his blog. I must say the new site does look better and much modern than the old one!

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