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OCF “Independence Day” Folding Contest

Team 32 presents
the OCF "Independence
Folding Contest

The Prize

Intel Q6600 G0


This contest is being sponsored by our friend and teammate dfonda, Folding as dfonda_Team32. I’d like to thank him for being so generous and supplying our prize. The winner will be shipped the processor free of charge if they reside in either the Continental US or Canada. If the winner is outside those areas they will be responsible for the shipping charge. Import duties, brokerage fees, handling fees, taxes, etc. are the responsibility of the winner.


– Sign-ups: Sunday, May 25th @ 12:00am PDT through Saturday, June 7th @ 11:59pm PDT.

A thread will be available for sign-ups and be LINK’D HERE. You must have a post in the sign-up thread with your Folding ID by the sign-up deadline to participate.

– Contest duration: Sunday, June 8th @ 12:00am PDT through Saturday, July 5th @ 11:59pm PDT.

This contest has been aligned with the Stanford Folding week, please note all times are Pacific Daylight Time. Offical progress numbers will be tallied and shown in this thread and updated periodically (every 2~3 days). Otherwise, you may track your progress using any third-party stats site you choose.

– What you need to do: Fold WUs for Team 32. Each WU Folded for Team 32 within the contest period will earn each participant one entry for the prize drawing… think about it like a raffle.

This contest is not about points… it’s about science! You do not need the latest hardware, a large Folding farm, or otherwise to participate in this contest and have a chance at winning. All those things will certainly help increase your chances, but a participant who Folds only one WU within the contest period still has one chance to win the prize. A participant with a single machine can win this contest. OCF members from our SETI and Benchmarking Teams can win this contest. Folders from other Teams who sign-up and Fold WUs for Team 32 can win this contest, so spread the word.

This contest is open to any and all who sign-up and Fold WUs for Team 32 within the contest period.

The bottom line is, to better your chances of winning- Fold more WUs, and thus do more science, for Team 32. Simple.


The contest will be administered by yours truly. This is the second take on this contest format and if you’d like to see how the first one shook out please check out the OCF "March Madness" Folding Contest thread, we had a lot of fun. I take the administration of this contest seriously and I hope all who participate are confident that the contest will administered fairly. I am honored to be able to serve such a great Team and Forum.

– Minimums: We need a minimum of 40 participants to run this contest. Each participant is required to maintain a minimum average of 100 points per returned WU during the contest period. If that minimum is not maintained by a participant, their total points during the contest period will be divided by 100 and rounded up to the next integer- this resulting number will be their number of contest entries.

– Excessive EUEs: Excessive EUEs will not be tolerated. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of the contest administration, possibly resulting in dismissal from the contest if that user does not stop the excessive EUEs. This is not to say that a user who has a machine EUE a few times will be dismissed, such a situation will likely go unnoticed. The term excessive is not being defined here and will be left up to the contest admin to determine what is excessive. The bottom line, if a user is contacted about EUEs and they fix the issue, there will be no issue.

– Server Blocking: Blocking of Stanford Server IP addresses will not be tolerated. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of the contest administration, possibly resulting in dismissal from the contest. Catching someone in the act of server blocking is very difficult and nearly impossible to prove. Just be aware that stats will be periodically reviewed looking for such trends in participants returned WUs.

The members of this Team are honest, respectable people. I don’t believe cheating will be an issue. But it needs to be stated here what the consequences may be for someone intentionally trying to cheat.

– Goals: The goals of this contest are to boost the production of current Team 32 members, recruit new members into our great Team and Project, and most importantly… play fair and have fun!

– Questions? – Please post in this thread.


EOC’s Chimp Challenge Stats

Thanks to Jason @ EOC, he also put up a nice stats page for the Chimp Challenge too!!


2008 Chimp Challenge stats

Now you can check the stats of the 08′ Chimp Challenge in here!!

As you can see, we’ll need ALL of your folding power for the team!!! So, just switch the account over to T32monkeys to help us defends the other three teams!!!