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FAH SMP Affinity Changer

Have you heard of the FAH SMP Affinity Changer? It’s a little program that monitor the process of the FAH client for each core and will redistribute the FAH process accordingly in order to achieve maximum performance for the SMP F@H client!

Here’s some before and after results from me from the Core2Duo processor running a single WinSMP client:

” Project : 2653
Core : Gromacs SMP
Frames : 100
Credit : 1760

— station1 —
Min. Time / Frame : 13mn 13s – 1917.58 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 14mn 32s – 1743.85 ppd

— station5 —
Min. Time / Frame : 13mn 09s – 1927.30 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 14mn 34s – 1739.86 ppd

— station7 —
Min. Time / Frame : 14mn 18s – 1772.31 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 16mn 10s – 1567.67 ppd

— station4 —
Min. Time / Frame : 12mn 54s – 1964.65 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 13mn 40s – 1854.44 ppd

— iMac —
Min. Time / Frame : 16mn 13s – 1562.84 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 16mn 19s – 1383.26 ppd ”

One thing is, it only works with a C2D processor running a single WinSMP client or for a C2Q processor running 2x WinSMP clients. But if you are running a single WinSMP client on a C2Q, it will not have any performance gain on it!!

You can follow this thread for more information/results too!!


F@H member spotlight #78

F@H team member spotlight #78 is up!  Wanna see who’s under the spotlight this time??  Find out in here!!


New PS3 Client!

SONY has released an updated client for the PS3 that is supposed to fix the recent PS3 client/server issue.


Starting today a new version of Folding is available. This version is a minor fix to the previous 1.3 version and adds a better tuned algorithm that handles peak performance hours of Folding@home network, by acting differently to certain network errors if those occur.

It is recommended that you update to the new version by quitting the application and restarting it. Your current WU will not be damaged in any way, in-fact Folding will continue from the exact point you have stopped it.
Please also check the official Sony Folding site here:

We can already see a stabilized network activity for the last 5 days. With the new update we are certain that the network will continue to be stable for good.

At this point I would like to thank people again for being patient and continue to donate to our project while Stanford & Sony was working on the fix.

Sony Development Team”